War Cemetery


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As visitors travel towards Bukit Larut from Lake Garden, two lush fields lined with neatly-organised graves align themselves at opposite sides of the road. This is the Taiping War Cemetery, erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission sometime after the War. During the Japanese Invasion, many soldiers from British and Gurkha regiments perished during a short but intense battle, culminating in a hasty retreat to Singapore.

When the war was over, a British major and his team were tasked with collecting the various dead buried across the country in forests and villages. With the help of Aborigines (Orang Asli), about 900 soldiers were located and exhumed from their burial plots to be interred here. Among the dead were soldiers of British, Australian, Scottish, Chinese, Malay and Gurkha origins. The graveyard is only one of two such memorial graves in Malaysia, the other being in Labuan (Borneo).
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